I looked through some similar threads about blues pieces but I was looking specifically for instrumental fingerstyle acoustic blues pieces. Got any ideas? I posted this in the acoustic classical forum and was told I'd get a better response here.
stop this train by john mayer its great but you can't find the offical tab on here try guitar world of fretplay if it doesn't sound like the song (you can here it on youtube ) then you'll have to buy it. hope this was helpful
I mean something along the lines of, say, Tommy Emmanuel's House of the Rising Sun. I don't want to just play solo lines with my thumb, I want to be using multiple strings at once. I'm looking for suggestions of acoustic pieces that stand by themselves, without singing or instrumental accompaniment, just an acoustic guitar.
Check out some Geoff Achison, Jeff Lang also does a lot of crazy fingerpicking stuff..There's loads of acoustic fingerstyle stuff, just go on youtube and do some searches, I'm sure you'll find some good stuff.

Skip James has some good instrumental songses.
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