yes I have. Have you heard of a searchbar?
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silly racist bitch finally kicked the bucket

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anybody ever heard of no use for a name?

I discovered them on a disk that i got with a duncan yoyo.

I'm not much of a listener to punk music, but i really like them.

I used to really like 'The Daily Grind' EP, and I happened to join UG during that time. Now my stupid name has nufan in it.

Still listen to that EP now and then, but I don't care for anything else they did.
"If a body catch a body comin' through the rye."
I had the Best of styled compilation thingy they put out uhhhh...2? years ago.

I liked it, but I ****ing lost it.
good band, i do really like der cover of 'fairytale of new york'..its cool to play at xmas
i have been known to dance to their cover of fairytale of new york at christmas on many drunken occasions.