Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums. I've been recording an album but I need a better bass and electric guitar because I get a horrible amount of hissing noise due to crappy single coil pickups. I'm not sure if replacing the pickups would be easier and cheaper, but I need some new instruments with better comfort anyways.

The style I play is mostly ska/rock. So any electric with a nice clean tone plus good distortion would be good. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the perfect sound, I just want something that doesn't have that hiss.

Anywhere from 200-400 dollars for each electric and bass guitar instrument would be great. Thanks guys!
by the way, my old electric guitar is a jay turser strat. I actually got it completely free off ebay haha.
Anything with decent humbuckers will cancel out the hum(mostly)
I hate myself for saying this, but check out some epiphone guitars. They're cheap and not (totally) bad.
nothing wrong with epiphone at all
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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