Ok, I'm buying my first guitar soon, and I don't know which type t o buy, acoustic, or electric. I ama a complete beginner, and I like Rock/Metal, and a little punk.
i gotta go with classical guitar actually... the best to start with.. acoustic is very hard to start with,because of the string... you could always go with electric if you want to,
but your fingers would be stronger if you start on a classical one(thicker neck),and also you need first to work on making clean sounds of the guitar..
that`s my opinion anyway
Well, since you like Rock/Metal/Punk, I'd say get the electric.

I don't really think any of them are necessarily "easier" than the other, however acoustic is harder on your fingers because of the higher gauge strings; it's harder to press down on the strings.

Electric is easier at the start. The strings tend to be much more forgiving on the fingers. While acoustic is awesome, I tend to recommend electric to start as they ease up the learning curve and allow for some immediate satisfaction (by simply slamming on a power chord with the distortion down...that said sometime it gets into the bad habit of just using heavy distortion to cover up your playing, try playing it clean for acoustic pieces as well).
Metal = electirc....

now if you said Country I would say acoustic...

So go electric.
get an acoustic because it makes you concentrate on technique instead of just jamming out powerchords
acoustic guitar makes you play more accurate, which is pretty important, but if you prefer an electric, go for it because nothing is worse than not having fun with your instrument.
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Good choice! The most important thing is not to give up in the beginning, and an electric with a bit of dist on it has much more instant satisfaction. Once you realize you can actually play some (easy) songs you are on your way! Get an acoustic as well a bit later on, alternating between acoustic and electric is really inspiring me a lot to learn different things.
As a noob myself with both a steel string acoustic and an electric, I have to say my Strat is MUCH easier to play than my Ibanez acoustic. Besides the strings being lighter and easier to fret and a quicker action, just the slimmer more comfortable body of an electric makes it far less awkward to hold than an acoustic.

That said, I think playing an acoustic also helps make a better player, simply because it IS more difficult. Sometimes I'll play my acoustic for a half hour or so then switch to the Strat.
I'll double what ZZ said. I played my wifes acoustic and found my squier strat to be much more comfortable. And easier on the fingers. Which helps me to actually practice.

Plus, even though I extremely suck, you still feel cool holding it. I don't think I could feel cool with an acoustic until I am half decent.