Hey I was just wondering about whether or not the Distortion channel on an amp is better than using a distortion pedal.
I know I have a ****ty amp so almost everything sounds terrible through it but for future when I do get a good amp I was wondering how does a distortion pedal compare to the distortion channel on the amp or if it was just personal preference or just how good the piece of equipment was.
A distortion pedal can give you more control over the sound of it, and quicker switching between clean and distorted.. There are also a lot of flavors (if you will) of distortion, and if the type on your amp is not to your liking, you can get a pedal for it.
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All depends on the amp... As a general statement amp distortion is always going to be better, unless you have a amp that is just horrid or only designed mainly for cleans.

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SS amp distortion isnt going to sound much different than a pedal. Tube amp distortion for the most part is going to sound better than a pedal. Not to say you cant mix the 2 turn your amp gain down and use some of the pedal to get a different tone. OD run into a tube amp sounds really good. So theres no hard fast rules just gotta experiment.