I have an Ibanez RG370dx (hsh) that i want to change the humbuckers on. I was thinking of getting a Dimarzio PAf pro for the neck and a Duncan TB4 JB for the bridge. Will this pickup combination give me a good metal/shred tone that works well for heavy riffs and fast solos as well as slow phrasing? I am looking for a Petrucci/Satriani-ish thick and smooth lead tone, and a riff sound like Disturbed that is thick with distortion, but not muddy. I don't care too much about the clean sounds, because i can use the single coil for cleans.

A line Six Spider III (terrible) but i will be getting a peavy valveking. I also use a boss metal zone distortion pedal (i know a lot of people here don't like it, but i kinda like the sound i can get out of it)
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Wait until you get the Valveking before you decide what's lacking about your tone.

That's what i plan on doing, but i can't tell from the duncan and dimarzio propaganda if these pickups would actually be good for my style of music.
OK, thanks. I'll look into the breed,

The VK was the best value tube amp i could find, with all the types of amps i would like to have, such as Mesa, being waaaay out of my price range. I might not get new P'ups at all and invest in a good amp, but i haven't found a good combo tube amp that is suitable for metal and still somewhat inexpensive.