I have a blue/white Peavey Falcon, not sure what wood its made from, but tuning on it is such a painful task. I use Skinny top, heavy bottom strings, and when I try to lower a string, the other go up! I try to go to D standard, by lowering the E to a D first, then lower the A to G, then I discover the first string has gone back between a Eb and E, then I try lowering it down again, and the 2nd string goes to an Ab. So I screw around with them and then lower the D string and the others rise up AGAIN. I test out the other strings to discover that they have gone up a few half steps. So it takes over ten minutes usually, tweaking each string and fixing the 5 others that go up in pitch from the first string being lowered. This happens in reverse to. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I've got it from a pawnshop for $100, 2 years ago, same time I've been playing, after fixing the action a bit, it played pretty well. Another weird thing is if I play an open E and try to bend another string, the E lowers in pitch.

Hopefully this makes enough sense.
The lower that string and the other goes up makes sense as when you lower it the neck gets longer as there is not much stress on it which makes the other strings higher. But everything else just sounds like it was a poorly made guitar.
It's because when you loosen the string above it the string below tightens.

Chances are there's a locking tuning system which means that it's difficult to change tuning.

If so then you need to loosen certain pegs and so on. tough stuff.
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That sounds like a floyd. Just get a new one. Save up like 200 dollars and get a cheap schecter or something.
That happens on my strat. It pisses me off when i switch from Standard to drop d and vice versa.
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yeah, cheap guitar. it probably goes out of tune when you bend a string too. and also sounds like a floyd so it will do that. also, when you put new strings on it doesn't stay it tune fore a while so you could stretch the strings out.
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