I am looking for a tube amp. I have 650 to spend shipped on a combo and 500 - 550 to spend on a head. Shoot me offers with what you've got. I can work around these number a little up and down, but I don't want to buy junk and can't afford too expensive. I figure a bit over 600 gives me some good room to work with. Play alternative, metal, punk. Would like to have a good od/dist built in. If not, I'd prefer it be a 2 channel amp. Thanks.
I live in PA, Zip code 17754.
Have a 120 watt all tube crate blue voodoo head I will sell for 350$ +shipping.
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Hey I live in Pennsylvania too, and have just the thing you're looking for. You may not even have to pay for shipping if you live close to me, I don't mind delivering. What I have is a Crate VC 50. It wen't out of circulation in 1995, so here's the specs on it.

Combo Amp
50w All Tube
Roughly 60 Pounds (Has Wheels!)
3 10 Inch Speakers
2 Channels, Clean and Lead
Clean Has 2 Band EQ, Plus Volume and Reverb
Lead Has 3 Band EQ, Plus Gain, Volume, And Reverb
Has Regular Input, Effetcs Loop, And Footswitch (Which I Don't Have)

Here's A Pic

And here are some links to youtube of it being played.

This thing is louder then you will probably ever need. The speakers and tubes are all stock. It's in perfect condition sound-wise, but obviously given the age of the amp, it has some scuffs and marks. No tears in the tolex or anything major, just some dirt and black marks on the cream tolex.

As for tones, you can get good distortion from this thing. Don't think....oh vintage.....no good. With the help of my Bad Monkey (Will also sell this if you want), I can get screaming lead metal tones. I play in a metalcore band with this thing. Let me know if you're interested, and where in PA you are.
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I have a peavey classic 50 4x10 with upgraded tubes.
It sounds real good for your styles. It has a bit too much dirt for me (I like to play really clean), but it should be nice for you.
I'd let it go for 500 dollars if you pay shipping.
Call me Wes.
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