I'm playing an epi les paul standard right now. The lead guitarist in the band i'm joining has a Gibson les paul studio. Do you think i should get a different guitar so we don't sound to similar? I was thinking like an Artcore or an epiphone dot because i love semi-hollows.

he plays through a crate 120 watt something or other
and my amps in the sig if that helps
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nah, dont worry about it, if you want a new guitar go for it, but if you like yours just keep it.

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yeah same, if you like your guitar there is no reason to get rid of it, just change your tones a little bit, use different effects, ext. It will be fine...
Your tone will crush his.
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if you wanna go hollowbody go with the artcore they have superior quality towards the epiphones and even the gibsons.
if you guys had like an acoustic and a gibson explorer maybe, but you both have lespauls. Thats good enough, you don't need another.
it'd look weird in my opinion, but not enough to make me not watch a performance
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it'd look weird in my opinion, but not enough to make me not watch a performance


Why would it look weird?
thanks. i think i'll stick with it but i really like the artcore so we'll see
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Your tone will crush his.


I have an epi and I've compared it side by side with a friend's gibson, there is a sound difference through my amp (in sig) but not that much really

and with that nice amp you have, it will sound plenty different, and yours will probably sound better imo
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I'd say go for more open rhythm chords as opposed to barre chords, and if your tone is still too similar, get a gibson SG special faded.
It effectively has 2 rhythmn pickups, which will be fine for you anyway.
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Why would it look weird at all? Both my guitar players play SG's, granted ones a 61' reissue or whatever year it is, totally blanking out on that. The other is just your standard SG.
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He has a crap amp, you have a great one...you'll sound much better.
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