If anyone wants to learn or get better at guitar, try Next Level Guitar. This site has the best online guitar lessons ever... I have tried personally and I learned A LOT from it.

Next Level Guitar

You can see some free videos on Youtube too. And, no, this site is not only for beginner. It covers everything from how to hold the pick to advanced techniques like sweep picking, arpeggios, complex chords and scales, and so on. I recommend join it to both beginners and advanced players! the instructors are very nice and good, you will love them. I actually learned here power chords, artificial harmonics (here there is the only good lesson I found about them), tapping, tons of complex chords, and more.
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I'd rather not pay them to do something so impersonal.

Thanks anyway

And I just realised you're using a referal link, you do indeed fail as someone will post below me in the future, before after I edit this in
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