Would it be beneficial to take every other day off of doing metronome exercises to give my arm a day to "recover" sort of like weight lifting or is it just better to do them every day like I do now except I take a break on Sunday. I do them for 2-3 hours a day.
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2-3 Hours?!!? you must be a beast! How long have you done this? I'm sure you'll be fine. the more practice the better you get. guitar doesn't take as much work as weight lifting..
The reason you are supposed to lift weights every other day is because you are literally tearing your muscle and it needs a day to rebuild its self. As for guitar it is better to practice everyday for 30 minutes instead of practicing an hour every other day because when practicing you are slowly learning "muscle memory" and it is better to do it on a consistent basis.
no, not really. i made up my own practice routine and I run through it 2-3 times a day. I am mainly doing it because the first 6 years I played I only used down strokes and now I've been alternating for about a year (so I am not a beast but I don't suck, I would say intermediate). I felt kind of dumb until I saw a YT video of Paul Gilbert who only used upstrokes for his first 2 years he played.

Anyways, also is there a sense in doing multiple repetitions of my practice routine every day or is once enough? I do 2 notes, 3 notes and four notes per string and then 3 string and bar chord sweep picking and then practice canon rock.

Also, its the summer and I moved to a new state where I don't know anyone and there is nothing better to do.
Earth without ART, is just Eh...
Are you using your elbow when you play that could be your problem. If you are remember its all in the wrist the thing you spank your wank with use it. If not you won't be playing long cause you will develope tendnitis.
If done correctly and not sloppy more always is better

Edit: Um if im understanding 3rd's post correctly, he is wrong. You should be strumming with your elbow not your wrist...
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