Hey guys. My rhythm guitarist and I were at a music store yesterday, while I was checking out cabs for my Bandmaster my rhythm guitarist was checking out this used twin amp from the mid nineties.

Well it cost only 700$. Hes been in the market for a tube amp for awhile (he has a solid state amp he didn't mind it until he played through my hotrod and had a revelation that tube=better than solid state) hes got 500$ bills and his parents may pich in.

what I need to know is should he get it and I also need good reasons to help sway his parents because the band could really benefit from this piece of gear especially in the studio.
if he likes the tone then i don't see why he should'nt get it.

as long as it works.

If you need help swaying his parents, let them hear the amp. that may do it. that worked for me.
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