I know its possible to downgrade from Vista to XP but is it possible to do it without wiping the hard drive clean. I upgrade my XP to Vista so is there a reverse way to do Vista to XP?
theres a web page at microsoft with instructions on how to do that
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get a mac, lol
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Welcome back to xp, id want my HDD to be wiped, cleanse it of the crap Vistas given it :P
im running XP on this computer. Just wanted to see what Vista was like myself. Its an old laptop and with vista it runs very slow, other wise i'd be cool with it.

Anyone know then?
Unfortunately not.
If you want rid of Vista properly you will have to completely wipe the partition/drive that you have it on.

The only other way would be to boot from the XP cd and install XP over the top of Vista, which will cause a load of problems.

OR.... Buy another hard drive, make sure your system is set to boot off the new drive in the BIOS and then install xp on the new one. That way you can access your Data left on your old "Vista" Hard drive* and have XP as a primary OS.

* - accessing the data will prove difficult at first until you reset all the security permissions.
is it possible to back up a programme installed onto it as the cd i got for it no longer works?
No. You need the the installation file. You can try looking in the Program Files, and copying the folder over. If it has a setup file in there, you might be in luck. However, programs require an installation file, and as far as programs go, that is what you need to burn to CD. Your best alternative is to find a download of it on download.com and if your program has a CD key, just re-use it.
no, not top secret. Its for my IT course. a programe called Transcender. Ive got the engine but i need the add on for the comptia essentials and its expensive lol

Their support section kinda implies you wouldn't qualify for their "Exchange". But if you explain to them your issue, perhaps they will send you a download of the program, and allow you to just re-use your same key.

That being said, I also did a search on a torrent site, and since technically you're not bootlegging, you're just trying to get the program you already paid for to work properly, I feel no guilt in telling you to check out isohunt.com though I'm not sure it has the specific Transcender you're looking for.
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get a mac, lol

besides from the fact mac's still sux unless you are doing video / photo / graphics work
Ive sorted the problem. i downloaded the demo for the one i needed then copied the programe files from my laptop to pc via usb stick and its done it Happy days. Send this thread to hell