Hey all,

I recently traded an RG for this Ibanez ARC 300, and as much as I love it it does not suit my playing style. So I am looking to sell for 300.00 USD. I would also trade for a worthy V style guitar, such as IBANEZ PR1660. I have taken interest in those lately, but any offer would be considered. Lemme know!

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I can e-mail my actual guitar pics to serious offers.
ive always been curious about this.

instead of waiting for people to contact you, why not just post pictures in the first place? it's not a criticism, i'm just wondering.
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I didn't post pictures because if people are interested they will ask.

No thanks to the Stellar V.
Post pics man, there's no real reason not to+only complete toilet licking idiots buy things they havn't seen a single pic of, especially where guitars are concerned
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Good luck selling then. A pic might create interest. I, for one, would potentially be interested if I knew what this guitar looked like. Yes, I could look it up in a search engine, but I shouldn't have to. And I won't. Seriously, pictures will make this easier to sell.

Also, it always seems a bit fishy when a seller so adamantly refuses to post pictures. I am not saying I think this is a scam, but surely you see where that belief could come from?

But I've said all I need to say in the matter... Good luck on your sale and I guess this is a free bump.
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No actual pictures usually indicates a scam of some kind in this day and age when anybody and their dog can get a picture up so easily.

I will say that I own this same model guitar and unless there's something wrong with his, this 400 dollar guitar beats out most 1000 dollar gibsons. No joke. The only thing on this guitar that's not up to that mark are the pickups and they aren't bad. They do need an upgrade eventually though. This is one of those guitars hardly anyone knows about but it's got crazy quality for the price. I've bought several 1k plus guitars since I've owned this one and ended up selling them to keep this one instead. It's that good.

Now I don't know why anyone would sell this guitar though...
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Fine, I fold. After uploading pictures for the first time, I wish UG would increase their file size limit.

to smoke63b - I know this guitar is quality and I do love it, but after owning an RG this guitar just doesn't cut it for metal, which is mostly what I play. Not bad for anything else though.
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