So.. i'm looking for a new guitar and a friend of my introduced me to Moser Custom Shop and i saw this guitar

what do you think about it ? anyone had experience with it ?
love the exentric shape, but i wouldn't know how it sounds
Drum drum drum away!
yes i really love the shape .. but I've never heard anyone play it and i've even never heard anyone speak of it.. is it that unknown that nobody knows Moser Customshop ?
That's the Korean or Japanese version, the Custom Shop is like...3k plus, I believe Neal Moser use to work for the B.C Rich Custom shop, so that's where he might have gotten the idea for it, but for the 900 bucks its worth, I'd say its pretty decent value.
i know its really old, but, if you wanna check out


and the guitarist of that band has his own page


he plays that guitar, its like his signature instrument

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