Hey everyone! I was thinking about starting a band... I've played a gig before and loved it. But I was only playing guitar. If I was going to join a band, I think I'd really like to sing... but the question is whether I'm good enough. When I'm alone (singing in the shower :P) or whatever, I think I've got quite a good voice. But when someone says 'how does that song go' or whatever, I get really nervous... and I think it affects how well I sing.

So, how can you tell if you're a good singer or not? And have any guitarists/singers out there got any tips?

-The Gore Child
Think about it, people like the lead singer of Panic!, the guys in pendulum, hadouken, CANNOT sing well, yet people love them, so at the end of the day, if the music compliments the singing, and the style of singing fits the music, anyone's voice will sound good.
sing for someone and have them tell you how you are... or record yourself and listen back. you always sound better in your head than you actually are. at least i do. im assuming it's true for others too because i've known some people who thought they were god's gift to music but they actually sucked.
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Slowly Build up too it.

Im just like you, and am starting to sing in a band.

You just have to give it a shot.

I feel its easiest to sing while playing guitar.
Someone told me once that when you sing, you sound better than you actually do because the bass vibrates your skull or something.

Practice, get lessons, record yourself singing and then listen back and see what you need to improve. Oh, beware - BRACE YOURSELF and set low expectations when you listen back to it. That way you won't shatter the guitarist ego.
I think that if you plan on working with your band as a vocalist then you really need to get more confident at singing in public (rehearsals as well as gigs). Ask a friend who you don't mind singing in front of for an objective opinion, or alternatively, if you're school age, ask your music teacher. If you can afford it you could always take a few lessons to build up your confidence.
You're like me, but I'm much less nervous singing in public now, because I don't really care.
Sing along with songs you know that have challenging vocals(Muse, Pearl Jam?) and slowly your vocals will get better. Also, have the song very loud so you can belt it.
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i kno how it is dude. what I did is pretty much how I learned to play guitar too. I scavenged the internet for things that would help. over time my voice has made such a huge improvement its amazing. just look up good vocal excersises and do them EVERY day, and if you wanna do like I did, sing a long with songs. your voice gets better with time. always remember to practice your voice, not just do the warm ups.
and yeah like these people say, record yourself singing it, even if its along with the song to see how accurate you are.
also pretty much all the vocal excersises are embarrassing so u pretty much hav to get in a not giv a f mood as to who hears you...or just do it alone like i did lolz.

P.S. - wen i first performed b4 an audience, I thought i wasnt gonna be able to do it becuz i was so nervous, I eventually didnt want to any more. but then I picked up my guitar and I felt so much better. so don't get discouraged
damn i miss those days...
of being in a band
pretty much im a solo artist

dude it takes time and practice
develop and train yourself.
and dont give up
"the end has no end"
First off, try not to get nervous. Just record alongside a guitar and listen to it. Try to improve it and also just jam out with friends for a while. Build your confidence. Sing in the car in front of others.
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Sing along with songs you know that have challenging vocals(Muse, Pearl Jam?) and slowly your vocals will get better. Also, have the song very loud so you can belt it.

Proper reply coming later... but Muse is one of my favourite ands, so I often sing along to it I can get quite high (Vocally :P), but I can't seem to get the long bits (Map Of Your Head etc) to sound perfect all the way through. I'll do a search for all these exercises and stuff later... Are there any songs I can learn on guitar that I can sing along with? My favourite bands at the moment are Muse, Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine (Not much singing in Rage..) so what would you guys recomend?

I asked my mum how well I can sing, and she says she's never heard me sing like... professionally, but she says I've got a good voice so I should be able to sing well.. I guess it's just confidence singing in front of people.. I'm the same when I play guitar, really good when jamming alone, but I get abit self-conscious in front of people.

Cheers for all the replys!
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