I want to be able to mix and work with songs out of my personal laptop. The problem is it doesn't have a printer port, which I need in order to load the recorded tracks from the zip disc from my br-8 recording studio. Is there another alternative, or will I have to use a pc?
does it not have a USB drive??
All laptops have one...

Or i think i don't quite understand your problem...
No, it doesn't have a usb output. This is from the site:

"Output options are pretty basic and include an optical S/PDIF digital (but no coax) stereo output, a stereo pair of unbalanced RCA analog outs, and a MIDI Out. Conspicuously absent are a computer interface (such as SCSI or USB) and a MIDI in connection. These were apparently sacrificed in the interest of convenience, low price, and ease of use. Still, when you're copying or backing up data using the unit's single 100 MB Iomega Zip drive, the disk swapping could leave you yearning for an external drive."
I may have looked up the wrong unit last time *deletes old post*

anyways heres the BR-8:

Why not get an external zip disk drive?
I had one last month until I cleaned up the basement and tossed it (CDs and DVDs work better for me)
You can find these on ebay for cheap and they connect with USB.