Sorry in advance for grammatical errors, I write all my music in Russian first then translate to English. I haven't written any music to go along with this but I was think two basses, one with a synth/octave down on and another plain... but lyrically it's just spoken word, softly over the basses...

Abyss- Nick Ratcliff

What is emotion? Is it not just a philosophy? A set of ideas some believe and feel and others don't? Something that compels some and does nothing for others? So when you're asked what is emotion do you think it's the driving force of your life? And if so it it taking you to a shimmering oasis? A fiery pit? Or simply a hole in the ground?

Lately I've been looking for something, something I can feel, something that's real. when I realize what I want, what everyone wants isn't love or money it's to be wanted and to have someone want you. You can say that's love or that's lust or human nature, I say it's what we've been told, we've evolved into something that knows nothing but thinks it knows everything and gets it's "knowledge" of what it wants by whats on TV, or whats a fad. What've we done?

I guess knowledge, desire, emotion evolution and thoughts mean nothing because we all die, and when humans come to a screeching halt then what? Animal Anarchy? New life forms? Or will the planet be a pointless abyss?
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I like the writing here, a lot it is quite deep, with a lot of great language and imagery. However, even though it is meant to be spoken word, I think you should break it up into lines to give it a bit of a spoken rhythm, and more of a flow. That is just my opinion.
thanks, I'll edit it a little, keeping the same principle once I get all the music written...
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Well, it's more of a philisophical piece then a song, but with these spoken word bits, you can never tell. I liked the "hole in the ground" part, that was fantastic. And when you record this, lemme know, because two basses... I gotta hear that.
will do
My Music:
Solo project: myspace.com/dermy3blkaht
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