Hey, i just got this email (below)... Does it mean i've been accepted, or are they just trying to get me to sign up or something, it's kind of vague.

This whole PowerChordAcademy thing isn't really my thing, but if they're gonna give it to me free, it's worth a try.

I signed up for the chance to win a free trip, but i haven't signed up yet, what's this mean?

what is power chord academy please? im guessing its an American thing.

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Quote by cakeandpiemofo
I totally thought you meant the school from Zoey 101.

, yeah, i thought the same thing when i saw the email title "Tyler in PCA 2008!", haha.

Quote by cakeandpiemofo
I totally thought you meant the school from Zoey 101.

Me too. I was expecting him to say, "Is it real? And If it is, where is it?"
I don't think it means you've got a free place. I think it means they'd like you to sign up for a place. You could always ring the admissions department yourself and ask.
No, i get emails like this too. when you put your email in to sign up for the free trip they added you to their mailing list and will keep sending you emails advertising PCA. it's very annoying.
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lol, AOL.

I knew somebody was going to say that, haha.

AOL isn't really that bad, accept for after 6:00PM when EVERYBODY is on, then it's slow as hell!

It isn't that bad, though... really.

POWER CHORD ACADEMY!!! OH YEAH!! really tho they should change the name of their school they're not gonna lure kids with the promise to teach them powerchords.