I'm considering buying a Squier by Fender Affinity 5-String Jazz Bass V.
I've seen nothing but 5 star reviews and i was wondering i anyone has had ANY problems whatsoever with this bass.
online reviews arent that helpful
but here is my opinion
affinity series arent really bad bass, they work fine, nothing too fancy, but they do the job, they dont pass estric quality control so i would,t buy one online
its a j bass so its very versatile and you can get many tones of the bass and do many genres with no problem
5 strings arent really my thing and a j 5 strings never calls me when i am in a store trying basses

hope it helps
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i just bought a squier deluxe 5-string jazz and it's a really nice bass and still cheap as chips, i also have an affinity p-bass that i got 3.5 years ago and although it's a fairly good starter bass i really wouldn't recomend an affinity to anyone
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Back in the day I used to have the 4 string version (tuned BEAD before I gave it away) and they're great little basses. Solidly built and they kinda sound like the real thing. I think pretty much all basses at that price level that are both available in stores and are not from Epiphone are at about the same quality. There aren't really any standouts.

But also, never really pay attention to the scores of online reviews. 9/10, the people write the reviews within 15 minutes of purchasing the bass and they're just happy they have a new toy, and compliment the tone because it's the first set of new strings they've ever had. This is especially true with cheaper basses, as many of the younger owners get a bit too excited.
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