I write a fair bit, just short writing pieces, and i'd like to start writing lyrics, but when I write they seem too generic or bland, rather than free-flowing, emotiional and disjointed, as I have been told that my writing pieces are.
I'd like to know if anyone had some advice on how to bring the emotion into my lyrics, because I feel that having a structured lyric format kind of constricts the emotion in the writing.
Is this the case?
How could it be solved?
For me personally, I don't write lyrics per se, I just write poetry, which I find gives me a freer form of expression, and then I put music to my lyrics, find the rhythm and whatnot. Maybe this will work for you, maybe not.

Basically, don't write with structure in mind, write what you feel needs saying, and then later on flesh out the structure of the song, if it is a song.
^ He's right, to an extent.

Just take your disjointed writing and arrange it into stanzas, then arrange each line to keep to a syllable limit. It might take a few adjustments but it's not hard. Then it'd be easy to put to music.
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