I've played a Gibson LP but never an epi LP. how does the epi relate to the Gibson? Do they sound or play the same?

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They do play similarly to an original Gibson, but they will not have the same kind of extensive and sturdy quality. That said, it doesn't mean the Epiphone version will of poor build and parts, but it will not match the Gibson.
When you play a Gibson, PRS, real American Strat, you recieve a certain excellence in all areas, while the cheaper versions, you may find you didn't get the same good instrument.
The necks will have the same diameters, the finish will be the same but will not be as precise; the pickups will have an escense derived from the original Gibson, but won't sound as nice. Theres loads of differences but, unless you are very picky or have had prior experience with a Gibson, you won't notice the comparisons.
If you buy the epi and put in new potentiometers and pickups, you can make it sound anyway you want.
The feel, is the same.
The sound is noticeably darker owning to the maple being only a veneer, as opposed to thick solid wood.
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Ignore my previous post. I was referring to Epi DOT studios. Never played an LP Studio. Heard they were OK

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