I missed the part that says we have to be intrested.
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when i grow up i wanna have blackandsilver's babies!

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nice discovery, sir.

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No they didn't, they didn't cause you to watch it under false pretenses.

Get over it.
That's an old episode.
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Rengori, I hereby name you GOD. Bow down fuckers.
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SO if Janne and Alexi did a gay porn, would I be the only one willing to buy it?

That's a dumb question, you know everyone in here would buy it too. I know I would!

Search for Artefact.
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Ts your blog is fail.

indeed, though from that 3 other sites were born.

making me moniezzz
I thought he sang it better than rick astley did.
"Forget the rules. If it sounds good, it is good."
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