Ok, so today, I decided to add some sort of Mod to my Stratocaster, so I went into the kitchen. Opened my draw, and there was a lighter =]
I'll let the pictures explain!

Ha, tell me what you think, even if you slate me lol, just please say =]
Why the **** would you do that to your guitar! You crazy pyro
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Well, I was pretty bored, and I don't wanna sound like a Spoilt bitch, but I have an Epiphone Firebird, and a Gibson SG.

The Strat is a Squier, and I got it for £10.00 off my mate, before he moved to America. So I thought, meh, it would look cool =]
PLEASE tell me that it was a *****y Squire Strat at least.. if it's a Fender, plain truth is that was fuc*ing stupid.. It sincerely looks bad..

--you answered my question in the above post.. so at least you had the common sense to screw up a Squire and nothing else.. so well done.. even though I don't approve. You might as well burn the whole body now and see what comes of it. That might actually look good.
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i had this acoustic once with this nasty varnish build up around the edges of the fretboard from the factory, and setting that bitch on fire was one of the best things i ever did to that guitar haha
Looks a bit silly with just that bit, since you done that much you might as well do all over and it mignt look pretty good.
Burn it all over?! That would take me HOURS lol, it took ages to do just those bits! haha, Oh dear!
the first one looks cool, the others just look like dents
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dale-banez made a fool of himself..lol

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oh wait, no one cares

^ The only cool looking burnt guitar I've ever seen.
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thank the lord that was a squier
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Wow that Les Paul looks insane! And yes, it was ONLY a Squier, I still have more to do, as it could look alot better! Well thanks for sharing your thoughts guys! haha!
i thought the first pic was porn when i first saw it. burning squier is even better.
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lol the only difference between mexican and american strats are that mexican strats are made by mexicans in mexico, and american strats are made by mexicans in america...
It looks like someone wiped their butt on the guitar lol.

Good thing it was a squire.
burn it more and it could possibly look good, then smoke a cigarette and put some burns on the neck.
That looks pretty ugly... good thing it's not a real fender. Might as well grab a jerry can and finish that sucker off!
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