Yeah, I am ambidextrous, but i'm cursed with guitars and basses and i can only play them left handed. I have tried playing right handed but I fail miserably, and what my dilema is.. buying the right guitar. I think i've finally gotten an idea about what kind of electric guitar would suit me best, but due to the vast amount of guitars NOT made for us leftys, drives me to ask you lot for help

so here's the lowdown, I at the moment have an epiphone les paul standard. Finding this in left handed cut for me was a rare catch, and in the impulse, I bought it, 4 months later I'm finding the WEIGHT of the guitar a bit on the heavy side, so first wish is for a guitar that is lighter than an epihone les paul.

also what i don't like about my guitar at the moment is the pickups, they seem more suited for metal and rock with no feedback, I'm looking for something with a more sweet tone, the music i play is light rock, mostly like John Frusciante or jack white, or tom morello style when the overdrive is on.

frets i don't really mind, 21 or 22 would be good for me.

in terms of wood i find myself lacking experience to say what wood i really want. for the neck maybe or something like that.. in honesty i don't have a clue.. but i know that my guitar has a mahogany body and rosewood neck and i've gotten a sore back and neck from playing it.

I don't want any sort of whammy or trem or any of those built in tuners.

in terms of colour/ brand and looks.. black is always good, or something with a natural finish.

I'm not amazingly rich either, im only looking at 3 figure prices here

well, that's all i can think of for now, if you can think of any direction to point me in i'd be really greatfull if you need me to add on any more info i'll do my best, thanks in advance
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lol ambidextrous. u should get one of those MAB guitars.

i dont think you can go wrong with an american strat if you want light rock. much lighter and more comfortable than les paul and if you dont like rosewood u have the choice of maple neck instead.

i am sure you have played strats before though.
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lol the only difference between mexican and american strats are that mexican strats are made by mexicans in mexico, and american strats are made by mexicans in america...
Tell you the truth, there's never been a left handed strat in a store for me to try. :'(
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They are about, but stores don't have them in. Ask your store to order some in.
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so would a strat be my best bet? I thought you would point me towards parker or ibanez
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An epiphone toni iommi G-400.
American gibon pickups, 24 frets, black, cross inlays, only 100 more than the standard lefty G-400, and much lighter than any les paul.
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If you like the les paul shape Michael Kelly Patriot Custom's come in lefty.
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do u have a guitar center near you? mine has a whole section for us lefties, including strats, les pauls, and what not. i have a strat, i would suggest that...they can vary in color. If theres no guitar center, you could always buy online.
dude, im left handed myself. AND i have an epiphone les paul. Were like, exactly the same, man. I have the same influences.
ok here are your options:
at rondomusic.com, there are left handed strats, teles, even PRS copys that are under 300 dollars. they play great. The strat i have's neck pickup is so warm and the cleans are awesome.
if your looking for some higher quality, then here:

both can of course, be ordered online but i would recomend having them send the guitars to your local guitar store. And guitar center doesnt" endorse "or whatever rondo music, so you would have to go to a mom & pop music store or something.
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