I have been building a guitar, but I am not much into taking a ton of pictures and all of that, i'll take them once I finish!

Anyway, I have a few general questions I want to clear up.

When making a scarf joint, how would you go about glueing it so the pieces don't slide off of each other? Other than putting in tooth picks or pins to keep them from sliding when you clamp down, I can't think of any other way to do it. I have searched the board for this and found nothing!

Also, on a through neck, should the neck be glued into the body wings before the shaping of the neck is done? This makes sense to me because of the need to shape the heal and stuff like that.

I have wondered how people do this, and I think it would be cool to compare eachothers order of operations.

This is what I am thinking I'll do.
-Plane the neck blank to thickness
-Rout truss rod channel
-Cut scarf joint/ Headstock shape
-Glue into body/ wings
-Glue fretboard
-Cut neck taper
-Shape the neck countour/heel

And that's about it I think, it will probably change though. I don't know if that's right or not. I went through a test blank to make a neck, and I was all backwards and such. It would be great to compare methods with everyone else!
From what I've seen of the Carvin factory tour on their DVD they do a good deal of neck shaping and sanding before the neck is ever glued to the wings. Obviously once the neck and body are united there will be more sanding to be done to make it smooth and comfortable.

What do you mean your neck was backwards?
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