I'm not really looking to do anything major, but my family is holding a reunion in a month or so. I don't have any PA equipment, but I do have a Vox AD30XL, an Acoustic B20 Bass 20 watt amp, and a Johnson Reptone 15watt guitar amp. I'm looking to get a cheap Nady Starpower Dynamic mic and then plug it into the amp using a mic cable. Is it safe to use any of these amps for that purpose? I don't need it to be really loud, nor does it have to sound that good, and it seems silly to buy a PA for one time use. Thanks
my brother owns that mic and it does well for vocals. he puts it through he's put it through his peavey bass amp and its been through his old squier guitar amp as well so either works fine.
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I'd say a bass amp, because a voice has much more frequency variations than a guitar. A bass amp would be able to take the low and high end of a voice.
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