I wrote and recorded this song years ago and changed some stuff to it and rerecorded it the other day.

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Here are the lyrics:

You never cared at all, it seems
The character within my dreams
About the way we'll always be alone

I have brilliant ideas for songs
But I incorporate them wrong
You and I could get along, you know

It takes the life all out of me
I slowly burn in effigy
Lying fast awake, I'm cold and well, who cares?

But now I see you're all the same
Alone, around, alive, a shame
Halleluiah, love rhymes with pain

I woke last night at two am
And all the thoughts rushed to my head
I cried myself to sleep again alone

Do I really have to choose between
A flag red white and blue or green?
Your best, man, sure just made a scene. Some scene.

I wear my heart out on my sleeve
I taught myself to mend these seams
And I'll go back living girlfriend free alone

You're all in love, you're all unique
You all know how to make us bleed
Well, the lipstick on my mouth could tell me that

I wrote this song because it's loud and it makes no sense

Perhaps I'm better off alone
Don't know myself when I come home
Honey, come home

I appreciate any listens.
This is a really good song man! I like the little lead guitar thingy in the intro and the electric rhythm guitar sounds nice with the acoustic guitar. The only part I didn't like was the weird solo thingy from 1:37 to 2:07. It threw me off guard and I think the flow of the song would be better without it. Is that you doing the harmonies? They sound really good. I also like the lyrics. There were a few sour notes here or there but overall, you're a very good vocalist. I genuinely liked this song. I actually like all the songs on your page. Nice job man! Rock On...