Can a tube amp be used for practice in a small room at low volumes or is it best at high voulmes? Would a solid state amp work best for this situation? I just need something for practice in my den at low volumes.
you could buy yourself a small 5w tube combo..what kind of music do you play?
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a solid state we be best for you imo. You might want to try out one of those little 5watters and possibly add a pedal.
i like the ss at low volumes...i had an 18 watt tube and sold it, it just didnt sound right at the volumes i need to play at...(apartment living)
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you can play a valve king tube amp at low levels and it sounds good.......also look into a fender blues jr......amazing amp.

**edit** by the way, i wouldn't get a solid state amp.....theres a major difference in tone
i like solid states
that would be fine
i like tubes
that would be fine too
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a small tube amp would work. something like a peavey vk8 or crate palmino v5 or a epiphone vj

but a solid state would definitely suffice
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
If you just want to practice with it, and don't mind sound quality as much, solid state for sure. You can get decent sounds out of one for sure, I recommend the 15 watt Peaveys.
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i like solid states
that would be fine
i like tubes
that would be fine too


Vox Valvetronix/Roland Cube for SS/Modelers.

Crate/Peavey/Valve Junior/Blackheart for 5 watt tubes.
My brother's Traynor sounds amazing at low volumes, and is 50 watts/tube. Some amps handle low volumes well, some don't. Even some SS amps sound better loud, and lots of tube amps can play well quietly.

That said, if you're only going to be playing quietly an SS might be better for other reasons (more built in toys for less money...). Or consider buying a POD. For really low volume practise I prefer my Pocket POD into my computer speakers over a real amp, a modeled pushed 4x12 sounds better then a real barely moving 1x12.
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Generally, tubes start sounding good when they get cranked. Its hard to find a low wattage tube amp.

I think you should check out the Peavey transtube amps
I suggest a Fender Vibro Champ XD, I played one on saturday and it shocked me - the high-gain tone was very impressive for a 'lil 5 watter, and the separate voicing control was really cool too - highly recommended if you want extremely versatile tone (crystal clear-br00talz) and nice FX in the same package.
+1 for the POD

I can get a good disortion from my bandit at low volume ,but my next purchase will definetly be a POD.
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