Hey guys, I just wrote something down here. It's not finished yet, and needs some more riffs and maybe a solo or two, but what do you think about what I have so far? And what subgenre is this relly?

Comments and critics are appreciated!
Well...it's really repetitive and has nothing memorable or special.
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with regard to sub-genre, i'd say its probably either progressive death metal, or maybe melodic death metal, altho more than likely progressive??
some of the riffs, the guitars kinda didn't go together, need to learn how to harmonize better, and put some palm mutes in.
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Hmm...It's okay, a pretty repetitive, but i like the "this is very difficult to be difficult" parts, they actually make some sense. You should try not overusing riffs, like add something in between to mix it up, or if you're gonna play it again, add something or half time it on the drums or...something. Two problems that are easily fixable would be the intro and the outro. To me, they both sound really stupid. Like the random bass drum in the beginning, and the random guitar stutter at the end. Keep working at it.

Yeah, I'd have to say a bit boring. I mean obviously it's not done yet, but it just doesn't really seem like there's any idea there to start with. No hooks really. It just sounds like a lot of random notes thrown together. There doesn't seem to be much structure or melody or anything, just a lot of notes. However there were a few riffs that I liked. The first one was from bar 16 to bar 23, the next one was from bar 44 to bar 50, that whole crotched triplet to normal crotchets sounded cool.

Apart from that though it didn't really excite me much at all, just sounded kinda bland.
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I agree with the posts about it being a bit repetitive - maybe add in some melody over the top to make it easier on the ears and more interesting. Though maybe i think this as it isn't the style of music i normally listen to.

I quite liked the bit from 46 to 56 as it was a variation from the rest of the song.

If you could let me know what you think of To Wonder (link in my sig) that would be great.
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