M'kay so im playing at one of the biggest venues in town in two days for a ten dollar show and im scared because one of my bandmates asked me what im gonna wear and i didnt know and he was all like "you cant dress how you normally dress or all the teenagers who go there wont think your cool and they will all go outside and smoke cigerattes and we wont get a crowd." so i need to dress how kids from the ages of 15-18 think is cool and hip at the moment.

What should I wear?
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come
corpsepaint and spikes...do it
Blindfold her telling her that she is going to get a surprise, then proceed to take off your pants and stick your penis in her nostrils.

Seriously. How old are you and how big of an idiot is your friend? If you dress up to look cool you're being a ****in sell out before you even begin more or less. Be yourself. That's what music is all about to me. If you can't be who you are while playing music then something needs to be done.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
how old r u? anyway who cares, when i play gigs i just wear normal clothes, maybe a mettalica shirt with jeans. seriously you dont play to dress up nice. dont worry about what your friend said. just dont wear anything gay.
Your band mate is ****ing stupid, no offense or anything, honestly, people will go outside to smoke cigarettes if you guys suck, not if you dress average joe.
considering most teens wear jeans and t shirts it shouldn't be that far from your normal dress
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Wear a tight suitcoat in addition to your normal stuff.
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Ok if your naked people will watch your every movement..(gay men) lol then u could be like judas priest.

Or you could put some assless chaps on with a bra, now that would be an epic show.