Recently, I heard that Listerine can help get rid of acne. I don't have a pimple problem, but I tend to get a few on the side of my buttocks. I wash really well there, but they never completely go away. I guess they like my butt for some reason. (I just hope they're not male pimples.)

Anyway, I decided to try Listerine and see if it works. I'll let you know how it goes.

Nice visual. But good luck!

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you've posted the exact thread 3 times already.

what do you want from us?
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Hmm, If Listerine can help with pimples...then will acne treatments give me fresh breath?? Lets find out shall we?!!

Also, didn't a thread of similar name fail a few days ago???
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I posted it 4 times. Once in the forum of the banned.

why do you feel the need to post it four times?
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was your MS paint visual really nessessary? as if we can't imagine what someones butt, and pimples on there butt, would look like on our own.....?
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I am loling at the graphic haha
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