i've been hittin the metronome quite hard lately, becuase i want to start to learn shred guitar.........but, right now my fingers are so sore from playin that i can hardly make a fist (actually i typed this entire thing with my right hand)...so....Sore fingers...signs of improvement or just a quicker way to carpal tunnel???

Oh and any shred tips would be greatly appreciated.!!
pace yourself and dont overdo anything.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
pace yourself and dont overdo anything.

+1 and you wil build callouses, which you will definately need.
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Take heart, it is a right of passage. As your skills improve, you will notice that you will get sore from time to time. The way it worked for me was:

1) Blisters on my finger-tips during the first six months
2) Blisters on my plam between my pointer and thumb when I started chords
3) Tired/achy hand after several hours of practice the first year building stamina

Keep pushing but do not over-do. Pain is a way your body is telling you to slow down .

Take it slow and **** shred. Just because all the 13 year old boys in your junior high like it doesn't mean its hawt.
Umm, if you cant make a fist, you probably did too much. Muscle pain hasnt ever been an issue for me, but my skin would get raw. Take breaks while practicing, or else you could hurt yourself (not that anybody seems to do that, but its smart to do.) As for shredding, dont worry about that until you are ready for it. I learned that too, after listening to Buckethead for too long... Youll build speed over time, just practice at it a little every day.
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Take it slow and **** shred. Just because all the 13 year old boys in your junior high like it doesn't mean its hawt.

Leave him alone, he wants to learn shred and wanted to know how he could go about it with sore fingers, don't force your opinion on him.

Anyway, you might get sore fingers for a while depending on how hard you fret your strings and how hard your calluses are, but it'll go away soon enough.