Roland Cube or Vox DA5? I am going to try them out later in the week, I just want some basic ideas of what to think about/expect. I'm playing blues to rock with it.
well, the roland goes from clean/blues to high gain metal, so you might want to go with the vox, as it would be a bit more suited to your tastes.
Yeah Vox might suit your style more but both are pretty versatile. Only the Vox would probably suffer with metal.

As far as size, I remember reading that the Vox had a slightly bigger speaker. Other than that both should work out fine. SO go with the one you like more.
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Defo the Vox. It has a larger speaker, and it can run on AC power. The effects are arguably better.

But like mister zp4 said, try them both and see what your ears tell you.