Okay, it's not a big deal, but I ordered a standard Fender Stratocaster from Musicians Friend. In the picture it shows there is a whammy bar attached. Mine only seemed to have come with a gig bag, no whammy bar.
E-mail them, not us.
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Well, I don't know if it's actually supposed to come with one. I was just wondering.
I've never bought a Fender Strat from them so I can't say for sure but, I would assume that it would come with the bar..
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yeah, it should've...
check inside the gig bag/package you got with it?
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If it did, would it be pre-attached, or might it be hiding somewhere in the box or gig bag? I'll go check...
ya check the puches and stuff, maybe u missed it, also, go back to the page where you bought it, see it if sais it on musicians friend

ps, god bless musicians friend, also **** them for not shipping everything to canada
yea i believe it should come with a bar **** i bought a squier strat beginner pack when i started it came with one if it should come with one it should come with one
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Silly me. It was hiding in a side pocket of the gig bag.

Thanks for the help guys.