Alrighty, I think I should probably just take this guitar and the new humbucker pickup into a local music shop to have them install it for me. That is unless somebody suggests that it's pretty easy and can be done with a simple soldering iron. Do these things have to be cold soldered?

If I take it in what is a fair price to have it installed? Should I remove the strings before presenting it to a technician? Any other comments?

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It CAN be done with a simple soldering iron,but make sure you have some sense of what your doing. Know which wire goes where,like which goes to the ground and such. If you dont know these,Id probly take it to a shop. It may cost somewhere in the range of $20-$50
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Yep it is pretty easy. Most pickup companies have the schematic for different setups and configs on their websites (DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, etc.). You will need a good soldering iron, non-acid core solder and a heat sink which you can get from Radio Shack or any other electronics (parts) store).
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