OK, I've been playing electric guitar for about a year, maybe less, and all I've really been doing is reading tabs, mainly power chords and some basic solos (eg. Black Sabbath, new Metallica, etc.). Except for the basic blues scale and some pentatonic stuff, I don't know any scales and have to guess the fret positions, and I know only a few chords.

Basically what I'm asking is where should I go from here? Should I get some lessons? I like playing anything.
i say start with learning notes. if u know that already then proceed to learn more chords and after that some scales. id say get a lessons cuz that makes at alot easier.
You should take some lessons, get a teacher who you like and listens to the same stuff you do, and then see where they take you.
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Lessons are extremely helpful.

Not to say you are playing everything incorrectly, but a well seasoned teacher will point out, and correct everything that could be a potential problem.

You don't learn proper posture, picking techniques, scales, theory very well on your own. Having some direction helps tremendously.

If you want some scales check out....

And watch some lessons on youtube, and UG. Both are full of great reference material.
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Thanks for everyone's input, I reckon I'll go for some lessons, any other advice is still welcome. Thanks
Go buy/view a book/lesson (Internet, Guitar Magazines,) learn most of what's in there (hopefully some scales and different skills,) and work on it. After that you might want to get in some lessons or continue to get in some online or magazine lessons. Keep on working at that. Buy a actual lesson book from a music store (As in how to play or a book with all the songs of your favorite band) or start lessons. I would be careful when choosing lessons because sometimes the just give you a bunch of **** that you aren't going to use.