Is here at my myspace. www.myspace.com/tyricemusic
I have a few songs on there that aren't on my UG profile. If you like what you hear, send me a friend request or something. And comment. I need more of those.
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ok, I just uploaded three new songs to my UG profile. Emily, My Chemical Dependency, and I'm Gone.

So, eh... check em out? Thanks.
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^ thanls! I was starting to think no one was ever gonna reply!
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Alright, I have returned after sleeping for approximately hours and am still in the post-sleep stupor in which one feels quite groggy, but I will be listening to your stuff right now. I'll go over each song like I do with everyone else and tell you what I like and dislike and everything. So now, I shall begin.

I'm listening to "I'm Gone" and I really, really like that guitar part - it's very groovy. When I first heard your voice I was quite taken aback - I wasn't expecting it to sound like that at all. I don't know how to explain it very well, but it's not a very good voice, but it has really unique sound to it which makes it really stand out and I like that. I think you need to mix the vocals a tad louder though. Did you record the guitar and vocals separately? If you recorded them together I'm very impressed because I would find it incredibly difficult to sing while playing that lick.

Now I'm listening to "Emily" and I quite like it - the drumming really adds to the tune and I like the lyrics. Once again, I think the vocals should be a tad louder. I like how it picks up with "Oh Emily..." - the lyrics there are really good. I like the vocal harmonies. I personally really like the way your voice sounds as a whole, but listening to it I know a lot of people wouldn't like it.

Now I'm listening to "My Chemical Dependancy" and I really like the lyrics as well as the simple melody. I really, really like your voice now and it suits the mood of the music very well. I think the vocal were mixed better in this track, so that's good too.

Last but not least, "Selfish Girl". In terms of everything there isn't anything bad for me to say about this tune - it sounds really good. If you wanted to try something a little different when you sing "Selfish Girl" you could only hold "girl" for only two bars instead of three and have everything cut out and say "you better change your" without any music and then the music would come back in on "ways".

I realize that isn't a very good explanation, but if you understand it give it a try. If not I'll try to record what I mean and I'll put it up on the UG profile.

Overall, your voice would not do well commercially but I think it has a very unique tone and that it sounds really good. You sing well, but the tone is not a very good tone (kind of like Neil Young or Bob Dylan). I really like all the lyrics too. The only real suggestion I had was to turn up the vocals on the first two tracks and to try that thing in Selfish Girl.

Anyways, let me know if you want me to post a sound clip of what I mean about that part in Selfish Girl and I'll get around to doing that later. If you've got a chance, check out my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think here http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968 or on myspace. I'm gonna add you as a friend.
Thanks, dude. I understand what you're talking about with Selfish Girl. Perhaps I'll do that when I play it live? (If I ever get a live band together) Also, it's funny that you mention the volume of the vocals on those tracks. I mixed other versions of them in which I tweaked a few things slightly, and one thing I did was turn the vocals up a bit. I didn't upload them because my connection isn't the fastest (I'm using my cell phone as a modem), so I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort. And in regards to I'm Gone: No, I'm not singing and playing at the same time. I mean, I can sing it and play it at the same time, but for the sake of recording quality (and for the sake of less headaches), I just decided to do them both seperately. Thanks a lot for the crit! I left some reviews on your thread, too, by the way.
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