That 5 mm (~.4") is too high for the action at the 12th fret? or is it normal?

On an acoustic or electric? Which string

on my electric its <1mm

EDIT: Deeply sorry, i reached the thread from the first page of UG and didnt notice
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I would think its a bit high, but if it doesn't bother you than its no big deal.
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Mine's sitting at about 2.5MM maybe a little less. 4MM isn't too bad tho. I'd prefer lower still
It's really causing some problems around the 6th fret for bars and lead work further down.
I'll buy some sandpaper later and sort it out.

EDIT: Just gone from 12s to 10s. The actions still pretty high but it's not so much of a problem
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Why the big change in string gauge? That's quite the jump, and you're going to be needing more work on it than just sanding down the saddle if you intend on keeping that gauge on.
.010's are a fairly common size for electrics, but are very thin for acoustics. I'd stick with the .012's if I were you.
I only like Martin strings and they had no other guage in the shop.

I prefer the 12s but the action at the moment is ridiculous and I can't afford to get it sorted professionally.