I have a fender squire that i got as my first guitar... and i want to start playing bass as well as guitar. I have asked my friends about which companies make the best bass's and they all told me different things... I have heard that ibanez and dean make the best bass's... here are links to the equipment I am looking at. Tell me if the equipment is good as my first bass's and bass amp... feel free to send me links of different equipment. i want to spend under $300 on my bass and under $100 on my bass amp...

Thanks for your help

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Not the Dean. It's seriously not a good bass at all.

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anything will do. at first you wont notice any differences. then with time, the self-critism and tonal insecurity will begin.
i am probably going to get the ibanez... i am also looking at this squire.... but i dont like fender that much... i dont like my squire.

i am also looking at this amp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-MAX-158-Bass-Practice-Combo?sku=481448

i might get this distortion pedal...
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I'd get the Ibanez.

I never have regretted mine.

that pedal won't work with bass. too much of the bassiness will be cut away.
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The correct answers are Yamaha, Squier and Ibanez. Definitely don't get that pedal (it's not even any good on guitar) and try and get a better amp than that. Peavey are good, but there's only so much bass one 8" speaker can put out, and you'll quickly find it's nowhere near enough.
IMO, a beginner doesnt really need any pedals other than maybe a tuning pedal, especially with a tight budget like yours.

If you want a solid beginner bass that will serve you well, check out Peavey. My millenium has been great and I still play it regularly even though I have a new 'main' bass. You can probably get one for about 300, maybe cheaper if you go used.

That'll limit you to <60 watt combo practice amps though. If thats fine with you, then you're set. Otherwise, follow Delirium's advice and put more money in the amp and less in the bass.
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Affinity Series J-bass or Affinity Series P-bass (both made by Squier). Individually, they cost $179, but you can get the starter box for $300. It was my first bass, and I still use it from time to time, and I've never had any trouble with it.
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I have to say, the best beginner bass is the one you play and like without breaking the bank
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Try and Ibanez start kit.
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Dude about the pedal it will sound weird cos its designed for a guitar not a bass if you want effects get bass effects.....
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Ok, read the FAQ for list of 'approved' started basses and amps.

Then, do NOT get any effects. They greatly distract from you actually working on technique, and are rarely used.

I would but a conservative estimate that about 80-90% of basslines are recorded clean, with maybe compression to help smooth the sound. Pedals, especially on bass, often become a funny noise generator, and rarely get used practically.
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go for the ibanez gsr 190 beginner pack. Damn its good. I still have mine and it has been through years of abuse and some gigs. Your going to want to get a better amp though.