found this one in my room..wrote it a long ass time ago

United We Fall

Shane Sizemore

Verse 1

Running, always yearning

Waiting for the separation

Lying to the congregation

Put a stop to years of burning

Making naught of everything

Creating division amongst ourselves

Shutting the door to everyone else

Just to salvage what we can


The fall of humanity

Lies dormant in the blueprint of time

As you struggle to sustain yourself

United, We Fall

Verse 2

The end is nigh, here and now

To rise again will lead to demise

I think it's time we realize

We'll never make it out

We don't know how

For the beaten, for you all

You shall lead yourselves to death

And even the wise won't know the depth

Of your decisions that provoke the reaper's call

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Hey, I like it a lot, but just so you know, they will probably close this lyric (or your other one)

They only let you post one set of lyrics per day, and two per 6 days. You should go read all the rules if you haven't yet.

But while I can still post here, I like the way you phrase a lot of your lines. c4c if you want.
I enjoyed it. Nothing bad to say. It all seems very well writen.

C4C if you dont mind, its in my sig.