This was brought on by a sick Halo video I saw on Youtube today. Just wanted to share this with UG's gamers, and to see what other machinima (movies made from game clips) videos UGers can give me to take up a little more of my time. if you have made your own that would be even better. Anyway, this is the one I saw.
Hahahaha sorry, I just can't get the image of the Master Chief air guitaring and singing into his helmet mic out of my head.

Search up Halo 300 on Youtube. Not music videos, but there's a bunch of Halo footage dubbed over with the 300 trailer audio. Very bad ass.
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A little off topic too, but if I might also get some suggestions for a good video capture card that would great.

you can do it with downloadable programs. they slow your pc down like hell tho
This is my favorite machinima
So Cold by Breaking Benjamin to the game Half Life 2. Every time I hear this song it makes me wanna play HL.
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I went as Darth Vadar to a school dance before.

Sure I got kicked out, but the DJ played the Imperial March and I just felt badass.
Redvsblue.com the essential Halo machinima
I have recreated a Mattocaster with Kaoss Pad built into the body. If you would be interested in having this mod done to your guitar, let me know!
Arby n' the Chief is pure genius
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
It prince.
Prince what?
It prints money b1tch! Aw snap!
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