First of all, hello there !

I could use a bit of advice on my pedal configuration.

I'm using an Epiphone Dot and a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212. I own dd3 delay, turbo overdrive and the 7 band EQ pdeals, all BOSS. although i'm the singer in my band I play most of the lead and all solos for which reason I need to have a good configuration live.
when I got my amp i'd only use it with no pedals (it came with a footswtich so I could choose from clean, drive and more drive). This did not prove to be a good way live cause the amp makes a loud click noise whenever I change from either of the drive channels to clean (not the other way round though). For this reason I got a neat second-handed Turbo Overdrive by BOSS.

I decided to get a line switch so that I have my boss overdrive and clean on channel A and , say, a Rat Pro and a dyna comp to use along with my Boss EQ on the channel B for solos.

Can you comment on that ? I've never used those many pedals together so I'd like to make sure i'm doing it 'right' (no rights or wrongs in rock 'n' roll I know) before i spend money on pedals i won't be needing or anything.

I also have my delay and i'm getting a noise gate and a tuner but those don't really concern this matter, although any comments or suggestion will be kindly accepted.

Thanx very much in advance !