While at the theme park today, a thought came to me. How could I get a realistic organ sound no matter how fast I play? I know that a EH POG can get you the good sound in combination with an expression pedal, but that would not work for fast licks. So, could I use a Micro-Synth in combination with the POG to create fast, realistic organ sounds from my guitar? Really, can I?
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-Bugera 333XL 212
No, the problem is that the combination of the guitar timbre and the tracking of the POG mean it just doesn't sound right on single notes at all, whether fast or slow. Chords work well though. You can do it without an expression pedal, by the way. Check out the POG demo on my profile, that's one guitar with sustaining organ chords on the lower strings and single notes on the higher strings.
I think the only thing that would do realistic single organ notes might be a digital synth.