Hey ive recently been modding my crybaby gcb 95 wah wah pedal and am wondering how to turn this into a volume pedal at the flick of a switch???

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Wah-Volume pedal mod
Lifting the earth connection of the 4.7µF capacitor will cancel the wah effect and leave you with a volume pedal. The '70s Jen Wah-Volume pedal switches in a 4K7 resistor and 0.22µF cap in series across the 0.01µF "sweep cap".

Do you think there could be a way to make it switch from wah to volume pedal. Like a switch?

If you run a simple on/off switch (the kind you'd find in a very simple circuit) between the capacitor and the earth, you can toggle between volume and wah pedal- the only difficult bit would be in mounting the switch on the steel enclosure.

could someone explain this further and explain what is earth?

thank u
earth i would imagine is a ground cable or something...

what id do, is make a small circuit board, one side with the original 4.7µF capacitor, and the other with the 4K7 resistor and 0.22µF cap, and have it switch currents with a buttun or something.

that parts a bit trickier.
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Get an SPST switch and wire it to break the negative lead of the cap. Get a toggle switch so all you'd have to do is drill a single round hole to mount it. Also, the case is prolly zinc, not steel. Zinc is easy to drill though as long as you use a center punch so the bit doesn't wander on you.

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Get an SPST switch and wire it to break the negative lead of the cap.

Right on. Earth is simply the way the non-American world says ground. It'd be really easy, especially if you've got a drill press.