I really like the sound on my Epi's pickups. I wanted to know what they are, so I basically decided to whip them out and have a look. A done a couple other things too, while I was at it, and I thought I might as well photographically document it, for anyone on UG who might be remotely interested. Warning: pictures galore lol! There's lots, so I did them as clickable thumbnails instead of full-size. That way if you don't want to see them, they don't slow the page for you.

Here she is before the 'operation' took place:

The serial number of this guitar is "U03122001". Putting that into Guitar Dater Project gets this:

Your guitar was made at the
Unsung Plant, Korea
December 2003
Production Number: 2001

It's one of those crazy ones with that stupid 'Gibson' truss rod cover. Here's the neck pickup extracted:

Close up of the rear of the neck pickup. It's hard to see but it says "57CH(G), DOT NECK BRIDGE, LP NECK":

Took a picture of the neck pocket. They sure weren't shy with the glue when they put the neck in it's socket!:

So next was the bridge pickup:

Close-up. Again, hard to read, but it says "HOTCH(G), LP BRIDGE" :

I took some pictures of the bridge pickup cavity for posterity, and also because someone had drawn a random "4" under it. I don't know if you can see, but the "4" is under the lacquer, so must have been done at the factory in Unsung, for some reason:

I know the pots take a significant part in shaping the sound, so here they are:

You really can't read it in the crappy photo I took, but the puts say "B500k Ω" on them. They don't seem to be branded in any other way. They're certainly not Gibson pots or anything. I put it back together, decided to chuck the scratch plate away (they're utterly pointless on LPs), and also decided to try putting the pickups in the wrong way around. I know Peter Green's guitar was renowned for a wierd sounding neck pickup due to it being in the wrong way around. I've yet to try it, it's too early in the morning. I'll get back to you whether it made any difference.

The Epi's twin sister came to keep it company while it came round from the anaesthetic, post-op!:

So, can anyone shed any light on the Epi's pickups? As far as I know, the guitar itself is just a worthless Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which if true would mean that the pickups are just random, worthless Epiphone ones (they are Epiphone pickups, says so on the back, although I did wonder before). I don't really know, as I purchased the guitar a few years back off a friend who had only had it a year, but stopped playing, so he flogged it to me. To reiterate:



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As far as I know, the guitar itself is just a worthless Epiphone Les Paul Standard...

you and i have a problem here sir ... if only duelling wasnt against the law
Thank you please.

i love the epi les paul standard. i have one and its a good guitar.

it may be cheaper than a gibson one but worthless is a little strong!

- also i was joking about the duelling. i dont really wanna kill ya
Thank you please.