well, I just bought myself a new bass to add to my arsenal:

A Fender 50s remake Precision, which makes me ultra happy. I think it's even outclassing my GL Jazz, and its even MIM!

Well, I was wanting to upgrade it a bit, and I always wanted some Rotosounds, and I know RS 77LD is one of the most favoured. I know for sure I want to use flatwounds, at least on this bass.

Also, I'd like to change the pickups, as good as they are. I was thinking along the lines of the SPB-1s.

How will this change the tone exactly? I have a general idea, but before I make the leap and find out firsthand, I'd like to ask the fine folks here for some input.
The flatwounds will decrease the tone of the strings from bright sounding to very dull sounding, if that's your thing. New flatwounds sound like dead roundwounds, but right out of the box. The pickups will increase the output and punch of your bass, which (to me) seems useless when you're putting flatwounds on your bass in the first place. It seems to me like you're deciding between a punchy bass that will cut through the mix but sound dead at the same time
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"Jazz Bass 77
(Monel Flatwound)
Highly praised by Bass Player Magazine as their favourite Flatwound. Unique materials produce a very bright tone. Oasis, Steve Harris, Roger Waters and many others have all favoured this particular string over the years."
They are bright for flatwound strings but not even close to the brightness of roundwounds. I don't think you'd be getting the full potential out of the pickups with flatwounds, the higher output will give a hotter sound but that will be lost with the mellowness of the flatwounds.
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