AOTM - July 2008
Ovation Tangent M.O.B. 57

Body Type: Super Shallow Cutaway
Top: Spruce
Fretboard: Dark Rosewood
Fret Inlay: Abalone Diamond
Bridge: Dark Rosewood
Pickup: Thin-Line
Electronics: OP30

Background Story

My first guitar was the first classic I could afford and therefore when I stepped up to choose my first acoustic I thought I should go a step further and really pick something I’d be happy with for a long while after. Being a girl with certain body features (Don’t laugh!) it was always harder for me to play classic guitars with a bigger body, both because of my rather short arms and naturally the chest issue. So going for a shallow body was the first thought and the ovations just fit the bill on this. I started scouting shops and looking into the sound of the guitars. Going through the website, I fell in love with this beauty and went on to try its sisters. However, at the time I was in the UK and there was nowhere that held this model new in stock. It was then imported from the US. At this point in time the model is discontinued, and as I understood was only planned on being a limited edition to start with.

About The Guitar

The name of the guitar is M.O.B. or “My Other Board”. It was designed as homage to surfing and surfboards and the blue burst colour suits this idea well. The rest of the design including the sound holes is very slick and stylish. The neck is rather small for an acoustic and suits people like me, with small hands. This is definitely a show stopper and people gasp when they see it for the first time.

What About Sound?

It was hard for me to get used to the tin-like sound it seemed to make in the beginning and I spent hours debating whether I made the right choice, but I was new to acoustics at the time and the transition from nylon strings to the more metallic sound was new to me.
Knowing what I know today, this guitar has a deep, warm, rich sound that works well with finger picking and gentler playing as well as with faster and louder strumming. The shallow bowl takes its toll on the bass sound, but not as much as you may think.


Incredibly, this museum-like exhibit was made with surfers in mind, and the stories tell that this was made to be durable to sun, heat and humidity – all of which you find at the beach. I personally will never risk it there, but it is definitely durable and reliable. It’s been spanked around quite a bit for the past couple of years and there’s barely a mark on it. I can’t say a word against it and the tuning is not lost easily on this one either. Clever.

Final Thoughts

It’s not for everyone. It’s flash, it’s pretty and the case weighs about twice as much as the guitar itself. But the sound is gorgeous and holding it makes you want to keep playing until your fingers bleed (and I have).


This is not a pipe
beautiful guitar. i've always wanted one of these, but i can't justify spending so much money on one! these are expensive!
Wow. It's an ovation that I actually enjoy looking at. That's rare. those holes are pretty funkyy.
- Art & Lutherie Cedar CW (SOLD! )
- Martin D-16RGT w/ LR Baggs M1 Active Soundhole Pickup
- Seagull 25th Anniversary Flame Maple w/ LR Baggs Micro EQ

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and wow ^___^

I saw one here in Phil.

and it looks really gorgeous lawl...

but my bad.... i think its just me... i dont like those holes ^__^ i rather prefer adamas holes...

but the headstock... phew really cool ^^
and i've heard this one before...

what can i say... its ovation ^__^

I own one, but not ovation =( , only applause...

its AE247 Natural...

^___^ luv it ^^