everything you would need to put electronics in a guitar.

1. both humbuckers
2. both pots, tone and volume
3. puckup switch
4. all the wires that hook all this stuff up
5. both knobs for the pots (black)
6. all the screws n stuff to hold everything in

(obviously your gonna need a soldering iron and solder to solder all this stuff together)

and also if your having a hard time finding a wiring schematic i have 2 10.2 megapixel pictures of how it was wired in my bc rich. (so you can see everything really well)
ill pay for the shipping, im willing to trade or ill give it to whoever offers me the most money.

im not really picky about the trade, just as long as its guitar related stuff, like guitar parts would be awesome.

if you dont want this stuff dont post, im just tryin to get rid of some electronics to someone who wants to build a beater guitar