This is one of the first real attempts I have made of writing a complete set of lyrics that I have actually somewhat finished. This is a rough draft, very minimal edits have been made. Please be honest in your opinions.

The street is lined up for blocks with cars
Exhaust sifts through the air
And we sit so distant, without conversation
I stare out the window
Looking for a rust and metal sign
But all I see is rust and metal

Sometimes I look at myself
And hope that I'm wrong
But inside my tempered gaze
I know

People riccochet like pinballs
Through the crowded entry hall
And I see her in the distance
I wave to her casually
And stop quick to say hello
But all I do is stare downward

(Repeat 1st Chorus)

(2nd Chorus)
Maybe I'll learn from it all
And set things right
But inside my tempered gaze
I know
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